Our proof of principle city has been subject to a curious natural phenomenum, inversion. This produced 4 days of compressed air pollution due to a layer of warm air pressing on top of the lower layers. The compression causes the general air pollution to temporarily concentrate at respiration level. When the inversion takes place again then the pollution suddenly seems to disappear.

The sudden rise and fall of pollution density in PM 1, 2.5, 10 and UFP

The sudden rise and fall of pollution density in PM 1, 2.5, 10 and UFP

Below you find an animation made by one of our cooperative partners. You can see the wing of warm air travel over the wave of cold air. The small dotted lines represent the fine dust compression and expansion. Above you can see the wave in measured values. The high lasting peak sudden shows a fast down fall in measured particle density or presence.

Animation of inversion

Animation of inversion


March 17th – Smart Cities encounter in Eindhoven

logoSTIR2March 17th, 2015 – Eindhoven
City of Tomorrow’s STIR Academy 
invites the Smart Cities action clusters to:

Smart Cities are Healthy and Safe Cities

Round table conference and workshops for multidisciplinairy co-creationof “healthy and safe cities” from a value driven citizen’s perspective

March 17th Eindhoven – Eindhoven – The Netherlands 

(flights are possible directly into Airport Eindhoven)

Note: This is an event aiming at providing input to the discussions on helping the EIP SCC community achieving its objectives

AiREAS format: Learn how healthy city development through the AiREAS format is an engine for many entrepreneurial spinoffs and local for global value creation.

For 5 years now citizens of Eindhoven have been invited and working together with their local government, scientific experts and business innovators to co-create their healthy city through AiREAS. This multidisciplinary way of innovating society from a citizen’s perspective is new and produces surprising results. From all over the world interest is shown in this new way of working on the harmonization of a local community as well as the innovative products, services and policy transitions that are generated. A new world economy even appears referred to as Transformation Economy. Any region can benefit from this format.

The entire process was started by the STIR Foundation, know as the City of Tomorrow, and developed under the name “Sustainocracy”. Any region can participate by setting up local HUBs of Sustainocratic initiatives and network with the rest.

Keywords: Harmonization, co-creation, multidisciplinary, global issue – local solution, value creation, sustainable human progress, health, safety, innovation, applied knowledge, global expansion, new growth perspectives, circular economy, reciprocity, citizen’s initiatives.

Challenge: Unite the EU Smart Cities objectives with proven value driven pioneership throughout Europe for a stable, productive, prosperous and value driven, wellness based European community.

Note: Various important EU H2020 calls are about to close and require our value driven commitment and cooperation. 

The program for March17th:

09:30 – 10.00:   Jean-Paul Close – founder of the City of Tomorrow

Preliminary location defined at: Fontys University at Eindhoven, rachelmolen 1. Introduction of the challenging co-creation patterns of Europe, H2020 calls and precedents that will be used as inspiring examples during the day.

What’s in it for you!?

10:00 -12:30 First multidisciplinairy co-creation session

Inspiration – AiREAS – Healthy City

Workshop multidisciplinairy co-creation from citizen focus. Persuasive communication

12:30 – 14:00: lunch

(City as an ecosystem, harmonic relation with living environment and innovation through human sustainable progress )

14:00 – 16:30 Second multidisciplinairy co-creation Next location: Technical University of Eindhoven

Inspiration – SAFE – Safe and dynamic City.

Workshop multidisciplinairy co-creation from citizen focus. Persuasive technologies

16:30 Conclusions, invitation to form partnerships – Wrap-up

Closing with drinks and networking possibilities The definite program in Eindhoven will be send to you after registration and when we know how many of you will attend. This day is free of charge for members of EU Smart Cities clusters. Else 50€ per person. Travel and any hotel or additional local expenses are for your own account.

Please contact Nicolette Meeder, partner of STIR Academy for questions on the program, hotel possibilities and to register by email:

Smart Cities are Healthy and Safe Harmonic communities at City of Tomorrow and Sustainocracy AiREAS


AiREAS: commitment number 4687

STIR Academy: commitment number 4822