Newyear fireworks in European perspective

AiREAS partner Scapeler processes our data for visualization. Recently this initiative shows also the European perspective. For years we argued about the fireworks rituals in Eindhoven and the tremendous environmental and human safety/health impact. The picture below shows the air quality (purple is deadly dangerous) in North West Europe at Newyear’s midnight (23:00 is GMT so one hour different from de rest of Europe)

Here you can see the time laps video of the data that night.

With our current knowledge of the effects of pollution on people with health problems it is immoral to do such rituals. Many people have no choice and are affected by unnecessary lethal exposure. The extend of the problem is clearly shown by the data visualization. There are so many healthy, social integration rituals, that it is inconceivable that Europe continues with this.


Citizen’s science, governance and participation

On friday June 16th the national AiREAS (air quality) citizen’s science team gathered in Eindhoven again to:

  • determine the strengthening of the local city ILM measurement network in Eindhoven,
  • share experiences throughout the Netherlands
  • citizen’s science in Rotterdam

We talked about the quality of sensor workshops in Germany, the challenges of the ILM in Eindhoven to get to robustness with citizen’s science, the engagement of new partners and the transition of experimental initiatives towards well established platforms in which we can guarantee the integral quality. All insights have been worked out into the AiREAS plan 2017 for Eindhoven in such a way that we can safely expect to expand the networks without pioniering problems throughout the regions and support governance, business development and citizen’s participation. All directed at cocreation of regional quality of life.


CITIMAP NL tekening2 (2)

Dr. Swati’s why and our how on pollution and climate issues

The popular Dr. Swati TV show on health in India and partner of STIR, has released her first English message on world environment day. It is a powerful animated 7 minute call for action on pollution, explaining why:

STIR introduced the how already 6 years ago by inviting all stakeholders into a new level of accountability where we all take responsibility together for health. It is referred to as Sustainocracy, a level 4 awareness driven cocreation:

Such level 4 interaction is showing to be a mayor driving force for values driven innovation, new waves of labour development and a healing mechanism for the human species, our societies, our relationship with the environment and our economies.

workshop air quality citizen initiatives

International workshop for neighborhood air quality measurements and social/societal innovation, including sensors and AiREAS networked citizen’s initiatives.

workshop AiREAS UK - Untitled Page

Carfree city as challenge for a 24 hour hackathon in Eindhoven

A hackathon is a venture in which anyone with creative interests can hack the city by using data and tools to come up with the most outrageous or useful innovative prototypes. The challenge formulated by AiREAS (Healthy city, air quality and city dynamics) is about future mobility:

The car has been the  biggest mistake in cities for many reasons. The only reason why we use the car is a perception of ease and comfort. Beyond the city the car has provides us individually with a sense of freedom and extended reach. Nowadays, with current levels of traffic jams, this freedom is only an illusion yet in cities the discomforts have always been accumulating and only justified by economic lobbies at the expense of environmental and health welbeing.

What is the alternative?