Citizen’s science, governance and participation

On friday June 16th the national AiREAS (air quality) citizen’s science team gathered in Eindhoven again to:

  • determine the strengthening of the local city ILM measurement network in Eindhoven,
  • share experiences throughout the Netherlands
  • citizen’s science in Rotterdam

We talked about the quality of sensor workshops in Germany, the challenges of the ILM in Eindhoven to get to robustness with citizen’s science, the engagement of new partners and the transition of experimental initiatives towards well established platforms in which we can guarantee the integral quality. All insights have been worked out into the AiREAS plan 2017 for Eindhoven in such a way that we can safely expect to expand the networks without pioniering problems throughout the regions and support governance, business development and citizen’s participation. All directed at cocreation of regional quality of life.


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workshop air quality citizen initiatives

International workshop for neighborhood air quality measurements and social/societal innovation, including sensors and AiREAS networked citizen’s initiatives.

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Symposium Clean Air on December 21st during 3FM Serious Request

This year’s theme of the popular radio challenge 3FM Serious Request is to pay attention to the 900.000 death among children between 0 and 5 years of age because of lung infection. It is one of the most serious causes of death among this group of people, more still than hiv, malaria, aids or measles. The location this year is the city of Breda.

Together with the local Avans University AiREAS already conducts participative learning programs with international students to help develop their awareness and active knowledge development on air quality and health as a core value through real measurement, interpretation and communication programs. Avans organizes this Symposium on Clean Air and invited AiREAS to also speak about the new smart ways to develop cities by using air quality and health as triggers for local innovative initiatives and developing the direct and productive involvement of policy makers, citizens, innovative entrepreneurs and educators such as Avans. Here you find the announcement Avans sent out today:


Wednesday, December 21st,  from 10:00 to 15:00 hrs
Avans Hogeschool
Lovensdijkstraat 61
4818 AJ  Breda

With speakers from the Dutch LongFonds, AIREAS and the University of Antwerp

The symposium ‘Clean Air’ is one of the central activities which will be held as part of the Avans Glazen School. During the symposium various speakers will highlight different aspects of clean and healthy air. For example, odor pollution and ‘electronic noses’, the benefits of strawberry plans to improve air quality and the dilemma of economic progress versus livability will be presented and discussed. The symposium is organised by the Environmental Science department of the Avans University of Applied Sciences.

The symposium will be conducted in English. You can register through this link

The entry fee for the symposium is 10 euros (5 euros for students), which will be donated to Serious Request.
The symposium does not include a lunch. Lunch is available in the Glass School. Revenues for this lunch are also entirely donated to Serious Request.


The city of Breda has partnered with AiREAS as second city in Brabant already for over 1 year to develop health and healthy air as part of their policy and joined development program. We look specificially at heat stress as main trigger for innovation (as we already do a fine maze human exposure measurement program in partner city Eindhoven).using 3 AiREAS measurement stations in town.

Manifesto Citizen’s Engagement Smart City development EU

Right from the beginning AiREAS was involved to get citizen’s structurally involved in the development of their own cities for their own quality of life. Through powerful and critical interaction the manifesto is now ready for endorsement. We are happy with the endresult. Hopefully you are too:


We already did.

Breaking news: Brabant Health deal as example for EU regional development

With enthousiasm the societal, business and institutional policy makers of the Dutch region of Brabant (2.5 million inhabitants) commit to the Brabant Health deal in the short video with English subtitles.

European commissioner for Health and Food safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis, expresses his hopes that other regions follow. AiREAS and STIR are there to help and share our expertise of the last 7 years in developing our core Sustainocratic values.

Global Health Deal

On Juli 22nd the Brabant Health Deal was signed at government level covering a territory of 2.5 million citizens. It is a significant evolutionary step in regional development, experimentally initiated by AiREAS (multidisciplinary healthy city cooperative) in 2011, making core human values lead the innovative discours rather than economic growth. After five years of cocreation sufficient proof of concept was provided to gain the trust of political-economic governance that investment in quality of life delivers local wellness, productivity, bureaucratic savings and a new innovative impulse for economic growth. Economic growth is hence a positive consequence when it is not the primary goal.

This deal is our own motivation to invite the rest of the world to participate in a Global Health Deal.

Health is a core leadership responsibility
Health is an abstract given that only seems to concern us when it is absent. Nevertheless, when we observe nature we find that the evolution of lifeforms is based on health. Everything that is not healthy eventually disappears to be replaced by something else that is healthy again. The human being has difficulties in dealing with abstractions that belong to our core evolutionary responsibilities. As a self-aware species we tend to use our wit and creativity primarily for self fulfillment in a competitive world. This was OK as long as our surrounding nature and corresponding lifeforms were big enough to cope with the collateral damage caused by the destructive human species. Now, with a consumer, capitalist lifestyle and 7 billion members of our species we have reached a point of mass destruction of life on Earth, including our own. Our competitive nature of greed reverts against ourselves through pollution, shortages, climate change, disasters and diseases. The system that produced our wealth is now producing our pains. Awareness driven change has become a choice, continue with the destruction or contribute to sustainable evolution. The key word becomes this abstract natural core value referred to as Health.

AiREAS India

We are confronted for the first time with our individual and collective leadership choice. Continue with mass extinction up to eliminating ourselves? Or use our wit and creativity for health driven evolutionary progress as a species.

STIR Foundation and AiREAS
In 2009 the STIR Foundation announced its research commitment to establish a society based on the core natural values for stable and progressive human communities: Health, safety, cocreative local resilience, awareness and the basic daily needs (food, water, air). Sustainocracy became an experimental operational fact in which the core values lead and the 4 pillars of society (local government, science, innovative entrepreneurship, civilian social innovation) take responsibility together to establish priorities for project driven compliance through complex innovative change. In 2011 AiREAS was founded to cocreate healthy regions from air quality perspective using the sustainocratic framework. This short film shows the impact of such multidisciplinary cocreation in which regional health (mental, physical, environmental) is the driver and economic growth a consequence.

Brabant Health Deal
With the experimental efforts in STIR and AiREAS a new societal movement became our new reality in response to the known global and local issues and threats of pollution, lifestyle, shortages, global warming, etc. In 2015 it received the European Innovation Award and was accredited peer 4 awareness driven regional development. On Juli 22 2016 this resulted in the political-economic signing of the Brabant Health Deal at provincial governance level in Holland. For the first time the regional government executives of 5 mayor local cities and a province with 2.5 million civilians committed to making “health” leading in their policy discussions and decision making for territorial development. In this short film (mainly in Dutch) the stakeholders reconfirm their commitment with AiREAS in the core of their statement. AiREAS had started as a civilian invitation to cocreate healthy cities and regions for our own civilian benefit, together with our institutional authorities and expertise. It had grown into an association of leadership in a human executive world of transition towards sustainable human, ecological and economic resilience.

The Global Health Deal
The Euro-commissionar in the film hopes that this Health Deal becomes a source of inspiration for all regions in the world. We don’t only second this motion as AiREAS pioneers with a global commitment. We also make our expertise available for all the regions that want to start their own local Health Deal with multidisciplinary commitment.

Download here our GlobalHealthDeal proposition, the same way as we helped provide the fundament for the Brabant Health Deal. We continu with our permanent innovation platform around our health driven dynamic clustering of a great diversity of expert partners in complex regional development.

Jean-Paul Close
Founder of STIR
Co-Founder of AiREAS

Collective intelligence newsbrief of VINCI energies

With this news item VINCI energies describes perfectly our synergy in health based multidisciplinary cocreation.

The amount of innovation it triggers is announcing a new Kondratiev economic wave based on psychosocial evolution and applied technology for development of human core values.

In October 2016 we will set up a networking symposium in Eindhoven together with our partners to discuss both this mature form of regional governance as well as the innovative spinoffs that become visible through the cocreation.

If interested please tell us by mail and we keep you in the loop towards the event: